Our dedication to safety and gas detection experience, has made us a global leader in flame and gas detection systems.  Every second of every day, our hazardous gas detection monitors are making workplaces safer.

OLC(T) 100 - Fixed Gas Detector

The OLC/OLCT 100 range of fixed detectors has been designed for detection of combustible gases, toxic gases or oxygen.
Available in explosion-proof or intrinsically safe versions, the OLCT 100 is suitable for detection of all gases in ATEX zones.
This stainless steel intrinsically safe version is certified for use in zones 0 (gas) and 20 (dust), whereas all other versions of the OLCT 100 are certified for use in zones 1 (gas) and 21 (dust).


•    Detection of Combustible, Toxic or Oxygen gases Infrared XP version
•    SIL 2 high reliability
•    IP 66
•    Aluminium or Stainless Steel version

OLCT60 - Fixed Gas Detection

A new generation of high quality gas detectors designed for the detection of flammable, toxic gases or oxygen.

The OLCT 60 Series is available in several versions:

  • Explosion-proof XP or intrinsically safe IS sensor (combustible, toxic or oxygen versions).
  • Remote or on-board sensor. The OLCT 60 can be remotely mounted, allowing detection in inaccessible locations or in Zone 0 or 20 in the case of the intrinsically safe (IS) version.

The OLCT 60 is equipped with a local display and non-intrusive access to a safe menu. In hazardous areas, calibration can be done without the need of a hot work permit.

Certified IP66, the OLCT 60 is sealed against dust and splash water. The versatile instrument is the ideal solution for gas detection covering all industrial needs for a wide variety of applications.


•    SIL 2 compatible
•    Pre-calibrated sensors
•    Non-intrusive calibration
•    Infrared Version

MX32 – Controller

The MX 32 is a compact, low-profile controller that continuously monitors gas detection, including 4-20 mA, dry logic input, MODBUS RS485 signal from compatible detectors.


•    Analog and digital controller
•    Up to eight detectors
•    Fully scalable
•    SIL l reliability

DF-TV7-T - Multi-spectrum IR Flame Detector

The MultiFlame DF-TV7-T is a multi-spectrum infrared Tiame detector using three wavelengths. The MultiFlame DF-TV7-T responds to hydrocarbon fires and is the right choice for operation in dirty environments or for detection of smoky fires.

The Multi Flame DF-TV7-T is designed to respond to unwanted hydrocarbon fires, whilst maintaining a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The device offers a wide range of output options, as standard and is certified for use in SIL 3 applications. The unit may be interfaced directly with a wide range of fire panels, controllers and PLC's etc

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