iNET Integrated Gas Detection Solutions



The iNet® portable gas detection solutions are now available on a flexible commercial offer:
  • 100% guaranteed hardware availability.
  • No capital required. No budget uncertainty or price escalation for 4 years - Fixed prices for a lease period of 4 years
The iNET® Solution enables you to:
  1. Manage and monitor all your gas detectors, compliance records, reporting, and worker trends.
  2. Manage repairs, replacement, calibration and exchange of detectors, gas and parts in real time to guarantee 100% availability.
  3. Perform Live monitoring of worker positions and real-time critical text and email alerts from all your devices through Wi-Fi or RGX gateways.
1   | Operator docks gas detectors

| Docking Stations perform bump test, calibrations and record keeping

| Perform live monitoring of workers positions and real time critical text                     and email alerts from all your devices through wifi or RGX gateways
| iNet® emails real-time alerts and status reports

| If iNet® detects a problem, Sperosens rushes a replacement gas                                   detector to you.



iNet® Control

iNet® Control is gas detection management software that provides unparalleled visibility into your gas detection program. Now you can easily manage your hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with one simple dashboard.

iNet® Control automates many tasks associated with operating a gas monitoring equipment fleet including instrument calibration, functional testing, diagnostics, documentation and repair or replacement of an instrument if a problem occurs.

  • Easily manage your gas detection equipment and compliance.
  • Know how gas detectors are being used and take corrective action.
  • Track and mitigate the everyday hazards your people face with detailed reports.
  • Keep your workforce safe and manageable.

iNet® Exchange

iNet® Exchange is a subscription-based service for gas detectors covering repair and replacement.

iNet® Exchange simplifies operations across all aspects of your gas detection program—gas detector availability, cost, and ownership—by delivering equipment on demand. There is no need to worry about instrument warranties, paperwork of processing the claim, or time to wait for new equipment. Parts, equipment, calibration gas, and shipping are covered, and even damaged instruments can be traded in.

As an iNet® Exchange customer, you will always have the equipment you need, when you need it.

  • Ensure gas detectors are always ready for use with proactive replacement
  • Pay only for the equipment you need, when you need it.
  • Eliminate ongoing support and maintenance expenses like shipping, calibration gas, and parts

iNet® Now

iNet® Now is live monitoring software that provides realtime text and email alerts for gas hazards, panic, and man-down situations allowing you to see and respond to
incidents as they happen. A real-time map of workers and instruments helps you pinpoint the location of anyone from lone workers to people working within a facility.
With iNet® Now, you can have confidence that workers are visible even when you’re miles away from the office.

  • Receive notification and take immediate action when a worker encounters hazardous conditions
  • Eliminate the human error and time it takes for lone workers to complete manual check-in processes
  • Improve your gas detection program visibility by viewing worker status in real time
  • Get your live monitoring application up and runningimmediately without IT involvement

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