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Fire Infrastructure Technologies

Managed fire protection infrastructure with continuous visibility
and monitoring of critical variables and infrastructures.

The Verifi system

The Verifi system is a management and technology toolkit designed to facilitate the management of distributed fire infrastructures in complex industrial environments.

The Verifi solution combines passive NFC tags, mobile readers, IoT monitoring devices, IoT gateways and a centralised cloud-based platform. In addition, fire-related information can be imported from external SCADA databases.

This combination enables full visibility of all fire infrastructure related activities as well as continuous monitoring of critical fire events and parameters.

Full visibility of the relevant information addresses the customer’s cost, compliance, integration and management challenges by facilitating centralised management of the complete fire protection infrastructure.


Distributed Fire Infrastructure Management, as practiced through the Verifi system, allows the customer to:

  • Gain visibility of the status and performance of distributed fire assets.
  • Gain control over the operational/maintenance activities (standard operating procedures) performed in respect of these assets, including the scheduling/timing thereof.
  • Produce integrated reporting in respect of all activities performed, incidents occurred, inspections/processes failed, corrective actions taken and the status thereof, as well as a full audit trail of the process.
  • Control all processes through an automated business process management system, this includes all the relevant procedures, exception reporting, corrective actions, escalations, impairment processes, and the like.
A cloud-based platform that facilitates the implementation of centralised standards.
  • Passive monitoring of Assets:
    • A mobile application that is used for compliance inspections
    • Utilizing NFC Technology that enforces proof of presence.
    • Pre-configured inspection parameters and intervals as per the contracted scope of work.
    • Typically used for passive infrastructures such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants, etc.
  • Active monitoring of critical fire infrastructure parameters:
    • Implemented as a continuous inspection of critical fire assets.
    • Uses IoT data sources (MQTT) and/or third-party data integration.
    • Typically used for monitoring fire water pressure, pump status, and valve positions.
    • Automated notifications on critical events. Events are escalated for failed responses.

  • Reporting and dashboards:
    • Basic standard reports related to maintenance activities.
    • Advanced reports on request.
    • System dashboard with drill-down functionality.
Business intelligence integration:
  • Integrate with Process Management and Workflow software suite:
    • Customised processes and workflow 
    • Facilitates integration into 3rd party ERP systems
  • Integrate with data analytics software suite:
    • Data analytics
    • Custom reporting
    • Business Intelligence dashboard

Industry 4.0, Verifi was built from the ground up to transform the way you manage and interact with distributed fire infrastructure inspection activities and gain insight into your maintenance data with advanced reporting.

  • Gain visibility of distributed fire assets
  • Control of compliance procedures 
  • Tracing of remedial actions
  • Visibility of workflows
  • Reduce the cost of compliance inspection
  • Time management
  • Reduces internal IT overheads while maintaining a high level of proactive maintenance
  • Takes care of hosting, security and backups
  • Consolidate compliance in one single platform
  • Dynamic reports
  • Focus on tasks and get things done quickly.
  • Procedures in pocket
  • Plan, track and optimise asset inspections
  • Allows frontline teams to know what they need to do and how to do it

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