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The Verifi system is a management and technology toolkit designed to facilitate the real time management of distributed fire infrastructures in complex industrial environments.

It is a cloud-based platform that enables full visibility of all fire infrastructure related activities as well as real time monitoring of distributed fire infrastructures by integrating various technologies.

The Verifi solution addresses the customer's cost, compliance, integration and management challenges by facilitating centralised management of the complete fire protection infrastructure.
  • Passive infrastructure such as f1re extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants and others are managed by way of staff with hand held devices and NFC tags on the devices.
  • The passive tags are linked to the Verifi system to dictate the planning of jobs as per the scope of work and to ensure the correct SOP's are followed.
  • NFC technology is used to ensure proof of presence, compliance and performance of contracted SOP's.
  • Active (Monitored) infrastructure and critical measurements like temperature, system pressure, pumps and generators are monitored by way of loT devices linked to a network to provide real time status and other required readings and measurements to the Verif1 system.
  • SL201 0, LoRa, GSM and Mod bus integration facilitates continuous monitoring of critical fire related infrastructures.
  • A process management software suite takes care of notifications on critical events. Events are escalated for failed responses.
  • Manage distributed fire infrastructure from one central management system.
  • Full visibility of the status, cost, compliance and performance of its distributed fire protection infrastructure.
  • Ability to control and measure service provider performance against pre-defined scope
  • Perform real time monitoring of critical fire infrastructures.
  • Link the outputs from the Verifi system to existing customer systems like control rooms, call centres, email and ERP systems.
  • Guaranteed ongoing compliance to legislation and external regulations while providing the audit trails as evidence of full time compliance.
  • Substantial costs savings are possible from a single vendor agreement with focus on efficiency, integrated services, standardisation and resource optimisation.
Managed fire protection infrastructure with full continuous
visibility and monitoring of critical variables and infrastructures.

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