Fire Detection & Suppression Solutions

as easy as blowing out a match

Consumption of water and water damage, giving you the best possible protection.
high-pressure water mist system that is what you can get.
The uniqueness of water mist is that it combines the suppression effect of gas
and traditional sprinkler systems. As well as removing the oxygen like a gas
system, it simultaneously cools the fire like a traditional sprinkler. The cooling
effect additionally lowers the risk of re-ignition.
The breakthrough that water mist represents is to use the same method as
traditional sprinklers, but to add the effect of converting the water into steam.
This means that the cooling effect is up to seven times higher than for traditional
sprinklers. Combined with the oxygen displacement effect, this can reduce water
consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional sprinklers.
Water mist technology is now one of the most progressive fire fighting

The intelligent use of water High-pressure water mist.

For a fire to survive, it relies on the presence of the
three elements of the ‘fire triangle’: oxygen, heat and
combustible material. The removal of any one of
these elements will extinguish a fire.

A high-pressure water mist system goes further. It
attacks two elements of the fire triangle: oxygen
and heat