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SPEROSENS COMMUNITY INITIATIVE - Donation to the Amersfoort Volunteer Fire Fighting Team

Sperosens strives to support the communities in which we operate.  As part of this drive, a range of new fire equipment was donated to the Amersfoort volunteer fire fighting team.

Amersfoort is a small farming community located in Mpumalanga Province, 261km from Pretoria. The closest large town is Volksrust which is 44km from Amersfoort.  The town does not have its own Fire Department and depends on assistance from the Volksrust Fire Fighting Department.  The Plxley Ka Iska Seme Local Municipality removed all firefighting equipment from Amersfoort in 2010, leaving Amersfoort without any means to fight fires. The Fire Department in Volksrust also do not have a fire truck, as this was written off.

Julius Du Toit, an Amersfoort resident, and local volunteers took the initiative and put together a volunteer fire fighting team, and purchased firefighting equipment from their personal funds.  Currently their ‘Fire Truck’ consists of a 4x4 vehicle with a water tank, pump and very old fire hoses mounted on an old trailer.  Most of the equipment is however damaged, patched and in a dilapidated state.

Despite this dire situation, nine building fires were contained by the volunteer fire fighting team in the past 3 years and an average of 15 veld fires per month were attended to during fire season.

The donation from Sperosens is intended to make the volunteer fire fighting team’s work easier while they risk their lives to protect their community.  The donation included:  Hydrant head standpipes, hose reels, adapters, jet spray nozzles, Unifit universal couplings, hose cabinets and red paint to give the trailer a ‘face lift’.

Sperosens wishes the community of Amersfoort all the best in their firefighting initiatives.

Volunteers:  Marius du Toit, Johannes Deacon, Julius du Toit, Mohammed Bhyat, Jaco Venter (Bheki Hlope absent in this picture)

Testing the new hose reels and nozzles

The old fire trailer with all donated equipment to be mounted soon.

Damage to a store room caused by a fire the volunteers contained.