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DTS for fire detection
February 2018Fire & Safety

The latest innovative AP Sensing fibre optic technology from Sperosens offers new solutions to many applications. Fibre optic sensing technology offers multiple measurement solutions reforming the opportunities of measuring conditions in the mining and industrial industry. Fibre optic technology performs exceptionally well in harsh conditions and is virtually maintenance free.

Fire in the mining environment can cause damage to valuable assets, down-time and loss of lives. A proper fire protection installation is made more complex when the area is affected by harsh environmental conditions. Industrial facilities frequently produce dirt, dust, humidity and corrosive atmospheres in production and storage areas. Conventional sensor technology often fails and tends to produce false alarms. These technologies require periodic, time-consuming maintenance efforts.


Fibre optic sensor cables can function as linear temperature sensors typically over lengths of several kilometres. The result is a continuous temperature profile along the entire length of the sensor cable.

The use of modern fibre-optic sensors based on DTS (distributed temperature sensing) technology has established itself as a proven method for fire detection and temperature measurement. A passive fibre optic cable provides accurate temperature measurements along the length of, for example, a conveyor belt, which enables effective and cost-effective monitoring of even very long conveyor routes.

Fires and overheating, which can occur during operation and lead to serious damage and long downtimes, are quickly detected and localised to within one-metre accuracy and the countermeasures quickly activated.

AP Sensing’s linear heat detection solution reduces operational costs and offers maximum reliability due to early detection for preventative maintenance even under severe conditions. A fibre optic-based DTS solution is unaffected by air currents and can accurately determine the size and direction of a spreading fire. No other fire detection system can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C (1800°F) without losing monitoring capabilities. Fire-fighting countermeasures can be used effectively before and during the fire event.

Applications include temperature monitoring along conveyor belts, inside sub-stations, switchgear cubicles and MCC rooms, inside coal bunkers, inside power cables, in mining tunnels and on cable racks, plus many more.

Advantages are accuracy, ease of installation, immunity to EMC, dirt, dust and humidity and very little maintenance over an exceptionally long lifetime. The solution integrates easily into your existing management platform (scada systems) by dry contacts and/or communicating directly over Ethernet (TCP/IP), using standard protocols.

The DTS solution from Sperosens offers robust and reliable asset protection for:

• Conveyor belts.

• Cable trays and transformers.

• Tank farms, coal storage.

• Production areas.

• Power plants, including NPP.

• Refineries and chemical plants.

• Offshore platforms.