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Continuous Trend Monitoring For Ambient Dust
• Improve Employee Health Conditions
• Protect Your Equipment
• Cost friendly
• Easy to use
• Low maintenance

Principle of Operation
Sintrol dust monitors are based on a unique Inductive Electrification technology. The measurement is based on particles interacting with
an isolated probe mounted into the duct or stack. When moving particles pass nearby or hit the probe a signal is induced. This signal is then processed through a series of Sintrol’s advanced algorithms to filter out the noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement output.

Sintrol Dumo monitors Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in ambient air based on the signal generated from moving particles. Test measurements proved that Dumo is capable of monitoring low dust concentrations and particle sizes as small as 0.3 micrometers. Dumo is easy to install and commission and virtually maintenance free. For parameterization and set up, Dumo can be accessed via USB with our DustTool software available free of charge from ourwebsite.
Sintrol Dumo has a standard 4–20 mA output, which can be easily integrated into existing systems such as a PLC in the control room. Dumo has “Alert” and “Alarm” functions corresponding to above normal levels identified using Dumo’s easy auto setup feature. The normal level is determined and fixed at the beginning of monitoring and two alarm levels can be set during commissioning. The instrument can be set to show mg/m3 by performing a reference measurement.
Ease of use makes this device ideal for applications where any disruption in the normal operation may result in an increase of particle concentration in the workplace causing nuisance and harm to people or machinery.

n areas requiring dust extraction systems to lower particulate levels in the environment, Sintrol Dumo is the perfect complement to monitor the efficiency of dust removal.
Rising environmental regulations in ambient environments for worker health have increased the demand for particulate monitoring around the world in these applications. The Sintrol Dumo is the premier trend monitor to improve worker health and protect industrial equipment. The new DustLog 8 is a revolutionary data logging system and reporting tool that gives the user greater access to the monitor
than ever before. Reports can be generated to see historical trends in the measurement with the ability to generate monthly, daily or hourly averages charted on nice graphs. Additionally, the easy user interface gives the plant full control of the device's parameters so they can be read, transmit or configure directly from the control room. After installation of the monitor, almost all access to the monitor can be done
remotely using the DustLog 8.
With our new IECEX/Atex certified instrument, the Dumo can now be used in higher risk areas to detect abnormal levels of potentially explosive dust concentrations.