FSS Technology

Originally developed for use in spacecraft, the technology behind FSS is remarkably simple.

The lightweight tube contains stable, solid Potassium Nitrate which – since it is not a gas – cannot explode.

Once activated, FSS’s extinguishing process works through two reactions. The physical reaction relates to potassium’s tendency to oxidize rapidly in air; when in contact with air, alkaline salts consume great quantities of oxygen, depriving a fire of the oxygen it needs to burn. The chemical reaction is created through the stable link between potassium particles and the fire’s combustion particles, allowing the potassium particles to intercept and interrupt any other free particles produced by the fire’s chain reaction combustion process.

Using FSS is so easy even a child can use it:
  1. Simply hold the handle of FSS and remove the black lid at the top.
  2. Take the scratch cap at the bottom of the unit and strike it against the top of the unit to activate FSS.
  3. Spray the aerosol jet emitted by FSS at the base of the flames, until the fire is extinguished.