Granor Passi

Granor Passi

Sperosens installs a turnkey fire protection solution at Granor Passi

Founded in 1956, Granor Passi (Pty) Ltd is the leading fruit processor in South Africa. GRANOR PASSI's processing facilities are ideally situated in some of the best fruit farming regions and are thus able to obtain the best of the South African fruit harvest.

In compliance with current requirements from insurance companies, Granor Passi decided to install fire protection systems at their plants because highly flammable goods are being produced and stored.

Sperosens, with the approval of the insurer, had the challenge to design innovative solutions for the fire protection systems required.  Each plant had its challenges and each system had to be designed on its own merits due to the variety of what is produced at each site.  Some plants cater for Citrus only, other plants cater for Mango, Guava and yogurt bases.  Process areas with a variety of different fridge temperatures varying from 5°C to -30°C had to be taken into consideration.

Sperosens started installing a total fire protection solution at the first of three sites in early November 2019. Installations at the second and third sites started shortly after. The sites include Marble Hall, Polokwane, and Letsitele. 

Qualified ECSA accredited engineers designed a comprehensive and effective fire protection solution, which includes:

  • Direct low pressure (DLP) clean gas protection in the motor control centre (MCC) cabinets;
  • DCP suppression systems to protect the diesel generators;
  • Deluge fire suppression for the fridge areas and drum storage areas;
  • Sprinkler fire suppression systems for the plants, process areas and in the roof above the fridge areas; and
  • Dry pendant dropper sprinklers systems to operate inside the fridges (up to -30°C).

Significant other features installed are:

  • Early suppression fast response (EFSR) dry pendant droppers for the fridge areas with in-rack storage capacity operating at up to -25°C;
  • Water storage tanks to supply firewater with the tank capacities varying from 460 000 litres to 680 000 litres at the different sites;
  • Containerised fire pump stations to ensure water supply to the suppression systems;
  • Linear heat detection around transformers for fire detection and foam suppression system in the event of transformer fires; and
  • Underground ring mains with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) piping and fire hydrants.


Due to all factories running seasonal production, and all sites being operational plants, Sperosens has to work where and when they can, to not interfere with production.

Importantly, the processing areas had to be kept extremely hygienic at all times, with minimum to no drilling allowed in the roof areas.

This required the installation manager to come up with a completely new method of installing and mounting pipework, which involved the use of brackets customised per area to minimise drilling.

Sperosens has a team of qualified rope access technicians qualified to move up and down structures while being suspended from ropes to perform work at height. This is necessary on the sites to install equipment in the processing areas where there was no space for ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding and the roof is approximately 16m high.

The installation team members first had to tether themselves to the roof beams, rope themselves to the top, then rope up their pipes and fittings whilst suspended in the air to mount the pipes.

Just when installation started, all sites were closed for 74 days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the teams returned to the sites, they were obliged to adhere to all regulations as set out by the government.  Fortunately, these regulations do not interfere with day to day operations.

Sperosens provides innovation through the design, manufacturing, installation, management, and maintenance of safety solutions. This enables our clients to focus on their core business.


Granor Passi (Pty) Ltd
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